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What’s On Your Mind?

What’s On Your Mind?

You may have heard the popular phrase: “you are what you eat.” This phrase implies that if I want to be physically healthy, then I need to eat foods that are life-giving and will impact my body in a positive way. The same principle applies if I chose to consume foods that are not beneficial to my body, but rather harmful. If this truth applies to the food we consume affecting our physical health, what about what affects our emotional health? Proverbs 23:7 (TPT) says “For as he thinks within himself, so is he.” The starting point to an emotionally healthy life is identifying your thought life. Think about what you are thinking about.

Have you ever taken a moment to sit and think about what thoughts process through your brain? The answer may be no. In today’s time, our lives are so busy that we barely have time to sit down for a moment. An easy way to identify your thoughts is by doing an exercise called a “Brain Dump. This will really allow you the opportunity to see just what thoughts you are thinking. It’s easy to do! Take a blank piece of paper, your favorite pen, and set a timer for 7 minutes. Whatever comes to your mind, write it! Don’t stop until the timer goes off. It does not matter what it is. It may be a series of serious thoughts, random sayings, or something completely silly! Once the timer goes off, take a few moments to examine what you wrote down.

Once your exercise is complete, take a few more moments to process what you have written. Are you surprised by anything you wrote down or does everything “sound about right”? Are there any thoughts that do not align with the core of who you are? If so, identify those particular thoughts or sayings and know that you do not have to agree or accept them as true. It’s important to remember, you cannot reject what you are not aware that is present within you. Identifying and acknowledging your thoughts on a consistent basis is an important key to having an emotionally healthy lifestyle.

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