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Celebrate yourself!

In today's post, we will recap everything we have learned over the past ten videos. It is always a good idea to back and re-watch the videos as a refresher.

· Day 21 – Being willing to change something that was not working- codependency

· Day 22 – Honor personal space

· Day 23 – Taking inventory of your motions, counting the cost, and accepting that sacrifice is part of the Christian walk

· Day 24 – Automatic Negative Thoughts (A.N.T’s)

· Day 25– Working on your communication with God, yourself, and others

· Day 26- Invest in your emotional health- currency

· Day 27 – Follow the money and pay attention to what you're putting your heart in

· Day 28 – Learn to use transparency to heal and grow and not to victimize and gain sympathy

· Day 29 – How to have balance in your life

The last tip is to celebrate yourself. If you do something that makes you excited or heard God tell you to do it, celebrate!!! Celebrate your accomplishments. Stop being frustrated if people aren’t giving you the flowers you deserve; buy yourself the flower. No matter how big or small, celebrate yourself. You can have an emotionally healthy lifestyle if you work on it. Look over the video titles and if there’s anything that stands out to you, go back and revisit. If there is a certain area you are struggling in, take some time to study the video that speaks to that area. Ask God to reveal new revelations to you every time you watch it. The more you listen, the more it will get inside you and take root in your heart. This is how transformation begins!

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