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Dr. Kristiauna Lattimer 

Certified Christian Counselor, Mentor & Emotional Health Expert

Dr. Kristiauna Lattimer is a wise, passionate, and purpose-driven Counselor dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve their spiritual and personal goals. With a Doctorate of Philosophy in Christian Counseling and a unique gift for providing emotional, spiritual, and mental support, Dr. Lattimer is here to guide you on your journey to wholeness and growth.

As a Certified Christian Counselor and owner of The Beauty Mentor LLC, Dr. Lattimer specializes in mentoring women through their most challenging times, helping them gain emotional wholeness after experiencing heartbreak and feelings of being lost, overwhelmed, undervalued, and unheard. Her mentorship approach equips you with the tools and wisdom needed to overcome life's obstacles and embrace a fulfilling, purpose-driven life.

Together with her husband, Dr. Lattimer also works diligently to help couples build healthy relationships. They provide comprehensive support, from premarital coaching to marriage communication and conflict resolution, ensuring couples are on the same page and thriving.

In her former role as Connections Pastor, she spearheaded a team that designed a "Curation Process" to help church members engage in ministries and grow spiritually. By connecting them with the right groups, pastoral care, and outreach opportunities, she ensured a personalized path to spiritual development.

Kristiauna’s radiant personality and unwavering faith create a warm and inviting atmosphere for all who seek her guidance. She firmly believes that success comes from doing the necessary work and partnering with God. Her mission is to support you as you achieve internal wellness and spiritual growth, inspiring you to put in the effort and trust in your faith.

As a visionary leader and business-savvy entrepreneur, Kristiauna has a proven track record of helping individuals and businesses flourish. She is passionate about women in entrepreneurship and has been featured in prestigious outlets such as the New York Times, Oprah Radio, and Inside Edition. Despite her professional achievements, her deepest desire remains to develop young girls and women into the image of Christ.

As a dedicated mother, Kristiauna enjoys homeschooling her daughter, believing that with God’s grace and a solid personal value system, anyone can make their dreams come true. Dr. Lattimer’s life is a testament to overcoming adversity through faith and resilience. She is committed to helping you turn your ashes into beauty and guiding you toward a brighter, more empowered future.

Described by others as joyful, genuine, and faithful, Dr. Kristiauna Lattimer is an engaging and vibrant leader dedicated to helping you achieve your spiritual goals and empowering you for your next move in life.

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