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Certified Christian Counselor, Mentor & Emotional Health Expert

Kristiauna Lattimer is a passionate, purpose-driven, wise Counselor.  Her heart is full of compassion and she carries a gift in helping others when they need emotional, spiritual, and mental support.  As a Certified Christian Counselor Kristiauna takes a mentorship approach to help women gain emotional wholeness after seasons of heartbreak, feeling lost, overwhelmed, undervalued and unheard.  As a Visionary, she has helped birthed many businesses just by imparting the wisdom of investing in your emotional health.


Her big personality matches her unwavering faith In the face of adversities, yet she always makes it clear she is not special, she just took the time to do the work with God and her mission is to come alongside other women and support them as they do the work too. Wholeness is a gift we can all unwrap.


As a business-savvy entrepreneur, Kristiauna has worked diligently in the beauty industry for the last 14 years, being featured in national commercials, advertisements, and newspapers such as the New York Times, Oprah radio, and syndicated news station Inside Edition.


Her God-given success has also landed her in magazines such as Allure, Cosmo, and Elle. Through this success, Kristiauna’s strongest desire has always been to develop young girls and women in the body of Christ.


​Her Successes have also been matched with great pain in her personal life that has allowed the wisdom she carries to be tested and proven. When you go through the fire with Christ you can come out as pure gold.  Kristiauna always desires to help others turn Ashes into Beauty. 


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