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What Brings You JOY?

You may be like me, and many other people around the world, who need their daily fix of coffee to get their day started. It is the perfect energy boost to kick start what is usually a busy day ahead. Our society is constantly going, going, going! We are a generation of go-getters, grinders, and hustlers running towards our goals and dreams. And while the dreams are real, so is the burnout! It is possible to work yourself to the point that your body has no choice but to make you rest. You can become just as emotionally burned out as you can be physical. Allow yourself the opportunity to rest and recharge! Rest is good and times of refreshing are necessary.

Make the choice to become purposeful in recharging yourself emotionally. One way to do this is by consistently doing things that bring you joy. Take a few moments to create a “Joy List” of 20 to 30 things that you love to do. These should be things that you can do by yourself and are not dependent upon something or someone else’s involvement.

A few examples are:

  • watching funny videos on YouTube

  • getting your nails done,

  • taking a relaxing bath

  • treating yourself to some ice cream

Yes, these may seem simple but, if they bring you joy go for it!

Whatever brings you joy, put it on your list. And it’s okay if you don’t know what you may like to do. Now is the perfect opportunity to try new things and see what you do and don’t enjoy. With the heaviness of today’s world, it is so important to create daily pockets of joy for yourself throughout the day.

Be intentional and even schedule it on your calendar if you need to! You deserve to allow your emotional space a place to rest, reset, and recharge. A rested, rejuvenated version of you means that you can show up for yourself and others in a more emotionally healthy capacity. I promise you will thank yourself for it!

**Please forgive my video thumbnails lol"

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