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Understanding Who You Are and How You Operate

There is a well-known quote by the Irish playwright Oscar Wilde that says, "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." When it comes to emotional stability, it isn't easy to be stable when you are operating as someone that you are not. Not being true to yourself can cause internal conflict. If you find yourself trying to be or act like someone you are not, it may be a great time to do some self-reflecting and self-discovery. Take the time to work on being able to answer the following questions:

1. Do I understand who I am?

2. How do I operate as a person?

3. How do I want to articulate myself to others?

These questions are very instrumental in helping you to discover who you truly are. Once you spend time with yourself, be sure to invite God into your self-reflection time ask Him to reveal who He created you to be. Over time you will grow in confidence and will become firm in who God created you to be. You are one of a kind, and God created you just the way you are. Don't spend your time trying to copy anyone when God created you to be an original.

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