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Learn to use transparency to heal and grow and not to victimize and gain sympathy

Use transparency to heal and grow, not to victimize or gain sympathy. We hear a lot about transparency with ourselves, God, and other people. It is an excellent way to heal and grow from certain things. It creates more healing and growth in your emotional life. Sometimes people use transparency for specific trauma they have been through to get sympathy from others. Putting things out there to get sympathy from others is not healthy or growth. When it's time for you to share your testimony and be transparent, it is not to be a victim but to heal and grow. Share your testimony victoriously. Before you post something or share something, really ask yourself why you are sharing. Is it to empower others through your experience or make people aware of how bad it was to gain their sympathy. Sometimes the people you are looking for sympathy from don't feel it and make you feel worse.

You want to protect yourself when you are sharing from a vulnerable place, check your intentions. Make sure you are doing it to heal and to grow. Be honest if you need prayer or encouragement in that area; there is nothing wrong with needing support. You can share your testimony and have people pray for you. When you are sharing from a place where you are seeking empathy versus a cofident place, it can take you back in your healing journey. Don’t hurt your feelings posting things in hopes someone will see it and feel bad. Be very careful with how you are sharing your story. Don't secretly self-sabotage by expecting something from people that only God can give.

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