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The Reality of Suffering

If you have ever found yourself in a difficult season in life or dealing with a traumatic life experience, you may have asked God, "why am I going through this?" or "please take this away from me." It is human nature not to want to experience pain of any kind, especially when it may be ongoing and affecting your life significantly. Although God wants us to run to Him regarding anything that concerns us, the reality is, He does permit situations to happen in our life. Sometimes we can experience disappointment when God does not remove a painful condition or circumstance in our lives. This can lead to experience sadness or even depression. A vital tool in building emotional wellness is to change the conversation you are having with God. Instead of asking Him to remove the pain, ask God to reveal His presence to you in whatever you are facing. Even though the situation may be painful, He is still there in the midst of it with you. God wants you to see Him and His presence in the good and even the painful parts of life. He is a perfect gentleman and will not impose Himself on you. Invite His presence into your life, and He will show you how He has always been there and will never leave you no matter what. He was, is, and will always be there with you.

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