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Taking inventory of your emotions and count the cost

To build an emotionally healthy lifestyle, we must own our emotions and know that spiritual sacrifice will take part. Luke 14: 27 says, "and whoever does not bear his cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple." The passage lets us know that counting the cost is important to us as people. When dealing with emotions, we like just to jump in. However, we need to be mindful that everything has a cost. What is that going to cost you? We also need to be mindful that sacrifice is essential to what we do as people. It is the pruning of one thing so something else can come in its place. Avoiding sacrifice due to pain can cause us to miss the things God has for us whether it is in relationships, personal development or spiritual growth. It is essential to take inventory of our own emotions and analyze whether we actually felt that way or someone else projected their emotions onto us, causing us to adopt them. We cannot have heart clutter. Taking inventory of our emotions allows us to flush out what shouldn’t be there so we have room for what should—making room for emotions such as peace, patience, joy, love, and kindness. Part of being emotionally stable is counting the cost. What will it cost you to engage in whatever you are dealing with? When you count the cost you allow God to come in and fill in the gaps for you.

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