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In today's post, we will recap everything we have learned over the past ten videos. It is always a good idea to back and re-watch the videos as a refresher.

· Day 11 – Learning how to change your conversations with God.

· Day 12 – Know who you are, how you operate, and be able to articulate that to others.

· Day 13 – Identify your needs and learn how to voice them.

· Day 14 – Clean your space!

· Day 15 – Take a nap.

· Day 16- Join a prayer call.

· Day 17 – Learning how to take negative emotions and turn them into positive action steps.

· Day 18 – Make the call, send the text, write the letter.

· Day 19 – Be willing to be pruned of bad habits and relationships regularly.

Look over the video titles and if there’s anything that stands out to you, go back and revisit. Or, if there is a certain area that you are struggling in, take some time to study the video that speaks to that area. Ask God to reveal new revelations to you every time you watch it. The more you listen, the more it will get inside you and take root in your heart. This is how transformation begins!

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