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Re-Cap Day! 10 tips to Building an Emotionally Healthy Lifestyle

This post is about reflecting on everything that we have learned so far. Take a few moments to review some key tips of building an emotionally healthy lifestyle.

10 tips-

1. Think about what you are thinking about. It is important to process and analyze your thoughts. Completing “Brain Dumps” is very helpful tool to see what it is you’re thinking about.

2. Learn to make decision based on your value system. What are your core beliefs?

3. Take time to recharge! Create a “Joy List” of activities that you enjoy. Whenever you need it, pick something off your list to create more pockets of joy throughout your day.

4. Create a strategy for how to deal when you may be struggling emotionally. It is important to create this list when you are in an emotionally healthy place.

5. Choosing to LET the Word of God to be an anchor to your soul

6. Give yourself permission to grieve.

7. Understand that not everyone will understand and agree with you. And that is okay!

8. It is important to accept and receive help from others. Often this is God’s way of ministering to you.

9. Relaxation is so important! What things can you do in your daily routine to create consistent opportunities of rest.

10. Seek one on one help from a counselor if you need it.

All of these tips can be extremely helpful in becoming emotionally healthy. However, if you feel like you may need to speak with someone to process your emotional state, that is okay too. Do not feel bad about reaching out to speak with a counselor. They can personally help you process your thoughts and feelings and help guide you to a more emotionally healthy place.

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