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Learn How to Identify Your Needs and How to Voice Them

In recent years, the conversation around self-care has expanded tremendously. People are beginning to take seriously how important it is to take time to take care of yourself, emotionally and physically. Part of self-care is being able to identify what your needs are. Once those needs are identified, they should be communicated with those are around, so they know how to best support you. Maybe you would like a weekly call from your best friend, going to the movies with your family, or simply having a listening ear if you need someone to talk to. Communication is so important, and you should never assume that those in your life know what you need. Assuming may lead you to think that those in your life do not support you the way that you need, when in reality, they honestly may not know. There is absolutely nothing wrong with expressing what you need. This ensures that your needs are being met. And if you do let your family or friends know that you need their support, try to offer them a solution as well. For example: "It would help me if you could check in on me a few times a week." Or, "Can we go out to lunch this week? I could use some time out of the house." Honoring your needs will help lead you on the path of living an emotionally healthy lifestyle.

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