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Invest in your emotional health -- currency

Invest in your emotional health. When we hear invest we instantly think of money, sometimes it does cost money, but this is related to currency. Currency is a medium of exchange. Use different types of currency to invest in your emotional health. I will be sharing different currencies that you can use to invest in your emotional health. Faith is a substance of things hoped for and not seen. Giving and receiving honor is also a medium of exchange. Favor, raw favor from God is a currency. Serving others is a form of currency. It allows you to be around others and receive so much. Wisdom is also a currency. Expectations are currency. It is a sickle for your heart. Trust is a form of currency. How far someone can get in your life if you trust them. These are all different types of currency.

It is a currency that you need to invest in yourself. God responds to faith, show him how invested you are in Him, and He will show His investment in you. Bring a tiny seed of faith to the table when dealing with others—knowing that the medium of exchange of honor and faith will allow something positive to come out of it. When you get to a place where you no longer want to understand or give faith, honor or have wisdom in a situation, you are blocking yourself from receiving a return on your investment. Although you have given a lot, you still have it in you to give more. Sometimes you have to trust the God in the person over the person. Trust the Holy Spirit in them because it is the same Holy Spirit that lives within you. It is vital to use these currencies because you will see a considerable return in that investments. Remember, investments take time. Do not be discouraged because the return isn’t as fast as you would like. It does not mean you don’t have good ground you can sow into. You still have an amazing seed that you can invest in other places. Reinvest in yourself, other relationships, counseling, or ideas and dreams you used to have. Ask God to bless that little bit of currency you have and ask Him to breathe on it and grow it. Be willing to reinvest the currencies for you to grow and flourish.

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