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How to improve your emotional health part 2

Updated: May 13, 2021

Life these days have been a little more challenging for a lot of us. I want to share some ways how journaling can start improving your emotional health today.

Need help figuring out why you're so stressed out?

One of the best ways to identify what is causing you to stress out is to take time and write out your thoughts and feelings.


Handwriting your thoughts is much more effective than simply typing or thinking to yourself. Taking the time to put pen to paper causes you to slow down and become more connected to your thoughts and emotions.

Here are five reasons journaling helps build your emotional health:

  1. Journaling enables you to process your thoughts and emotions

  2. Journaling allows you to release negative emotions without harming anyone

  3. Journaling helps you identify negative thought patterns

  4. Journaling allows you to be fully self-expressed

  5. Journaling can place your heart in a position to hear from God about your current circumstances

Here is my signature journaling exercise I love to use with my clients or just girls that I am mentoring. It's called a "Heart Dump." This exercise will help you to start decluttering your heart space through journaling in just 8 minutes.

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