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How to be Proactive vs. Reactive with your Emotional Health.


My granny always said an oz of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Sounds like something an old wise lady from the south would say right? As a kid, I would ask "Granny what does that mean?". Now as an adult and Certified Christian Counselor I know exactly what Granny was talking about. Today's video shares how this old saying can make a huge difference in your life when it comes to caring for your emotional health.

A key game plan to living an emotionally healthy lifestyle is being proactive versus reactive. A practical tool that will help is creating a strategy for yourself in the event you find yourself in an emotionally unstable place.

This strategy can include a list of activities, or people to reach out to, that will help bring you to a more centered place when you may be experiencing an emotional crisis. A few examples may be watching your favorite movie, phoning a trusted friend, enjoying your favorite beverage, or listening to your favorite worship song.

An ideal list will include activities that will feed your spirit and soul. Try your best to create a list that is not dependent upon another person’s involvement. If your list does involve someone, be sure to get their permission so you are both on the same page and that it is okay for you to contact them if you are experiencing an emotional crisis.

The key to this strategy is to create your list while you in an emotionally healthy space. This way when you experience emotions that can be overwhelming, you already have a plan in place. Once you do

this you too will understand why granny said "An oz of prevention is worth a pound of cure".

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