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Follow the money and pay attention to what you're putting your heart in

Today's tip is around money. Follow the money, pay attention to what you are putting your heart in. Matthew 6: 21 says, "for where your treasure is there your heart will be also." Take a look at your last 20 transactions; it will show you what you care about and what you are investing in. When it comes to your emotional health, are you investing financially? We often think we cannot afford to talk to someone regarding our emotional health, but the truth is we just don’t know how to identify the return in our investment. Follow and track your money to see if the areas you are investing your money into are actually yielding the investment you desire from them. Is retail therapy lasting long enough? Or do you need to invest in actually speaking with someone? Sometimes, you need to invest time instead of money and reallocate that time appropriately.

Wherever your money is going, your heart is following it. You should invest time, talents, and treasure in areas you want to see grow. If you are in business and want others to support your business, you should support other people's business in the way you want to be supported. Take a look at your spending and find areas you can cut back on to properly support others or invest in speaking with someone. Sometimes your personal life can stop you from flourishing in business. You need to take that time to invest in yourself and figure out what’s going on with you to be the leader you have been called to be. You should pay attention to who you are buying things from; your money feeds systems. What are you feeding? If you are not yielding in your life what you want, you need to reallocate where your money is going.

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