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Do you struggle with not being understood?

I believe a part of human nature is the desire to be understood, heard, and validated. Everyone wants to be seen and to feel like their voice matters. But what do you feel when someone doesn’t understand or even disagrees with you?

If you have ever experienced that, how did that make you feel? What emotions did you encounter? Part of becoming emotionally resilient is realizing that you are not always going to be understood, validated, or heard. And that is okay. Feelings of frustration, upset, or even rejection may arise from someone not agreeing with or understanding you.

You must remind yourself that is okay, and you are not less of a person because someone else may not understand you or see things from your point of view. Learning to walk in the fact that God always sees you and calls you His own. He has already affirmed and validated you. You do not need the outside approval of anyone else even if it would make you feel better. This does not mean we don't seek to be understood or try our best to communicate our point of view in a healthy and mature manner, however, it means that we don't allow ourselves to forget approval, worth and validation rest in God, not man.

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