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Clean Up Your Space

There is a saying, "A clean space makes a free mind." These words speak to the idea that the condition of your environment can impact your mental and emotional space. When the space in which you live is cluttered and messy, it is a good indicator that may be the state of your heart space too. Living in an organized, clean home may mean be a good indicator that your heart space is "clutter-free" as well. Another critical tip to maintaining your emotional health is to clean your space! While it may sound simple, it is a mighty principle. Living in a mess-free home frees capacity in your heart and mind space. Creativity can flow more freely when you have order in your home. If you find that you are stressed, anxious, or restless, look around you to see if your home reflects that. Your living condition may be a contributing factor to a cluttered emotional space. If you discover that your home could use some TLC, it can be overwhelming not knowing where to start or begin. Start by picking one room, and it could even be a messy junk drawer. Focus your attention on that one space and as you clean, do it with the intention that as you are cleaning your home physically, your emotional space is being cleaned as well. As you make progress, tell yourself that you are opening up a new capacity in your life emotionally and physically. Allow yourself to feel a sense of accomplishment as you declutter the messy areas in not only your physical space, but your mental space as well. You may find that you feel lighter and can think more clearly than before.

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Michelle B. Swanson
Michelle B. Swanson

This is an amazing read and wonderful gentle reminder of how these 2 aspects are linked together. Brilliant! ❤

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