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12 powerful prayers every small business needs to pray

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

These prayers are for business owners who want to seek and honor God in their business.

  1. Dear God, I ask that my company will magnify your work in Jesus' name Amen

  2. Dear God, I ask that you would give me the wisdom and courage to walk according to your will in my business.

  3. Lord, please help me not to walk in the counsel of the ungodly. Reveal to me any connections I have made in my personal life or my business life that you do not desire for me to have and provide me with replacements that bring you glory.

  4. Dear God, show me in a way that I can understand the difference between "success" and "good success" to help my heart desire what you desire for me.

  5. Dear God, Show me how to edify and uplift your kingdom through my business.

  6. Lord, use me as your hands and feet through my personal life and my business life. Help me not hide our relationship because of the fear of man or not coming across as professional. Allow your honor and presence in my business to be enough for me to continue walking in the path you have set before me.

  7. Lord, not my will, but your will be done.

  8. Father, allow me to decrease so that you may increase inside me and this business. I release hustling, worrying, overthinking, being a workaholic, procrastination, scarcity mentality, and controlling every outcome into your hands. Father, help my heart and mind receive rest, peace, divine order, flow, and abundance according to your will.

  9. Dear God, Teach me how to be a good steward over the vision and resources you have provided me through this business.

  10. Lord, I ask that you would allow my business to be a canopy for the lives of those that you mean for me to touch and serve through this work.

  11. Father, when my heart is overwhelmed with the circumstances I am facing in this company, I ask that your Holy Spirit would raise a standard and give me the strength and fortitude I need to allow peace to rule in my heart. I desire to let peace rule over every other emotion I may be experiencing because of my natural eyes. Please help me to see into the spirit your mighty hand at work at all times.

  12. Father, if I have any idols that are causing you frustration or disdain, please reveal them to me and give me the power I need to cast them down. I only want you to be the center of my attention, affections, and desires. Anywhere in my heart that has placed the business over you and the call on my life, I repent, and I ask that you help me bring myself and business back into divine order.

Which prayer hit home most for you? Please be sure to look up scripture references for each prayer. It allows your prayers to have even more power. God loves when we feed him back his word. Need help finding scriptures? Let me know, and I will be more than happy to share the scripture reference list I created for these prayers. As a Christian Counselor who loves life coaching, I know how important it is to take your business before God in prayer. Building with Christ as the foundation, you can't go wrong.

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