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Embrace a journey of spiritual growth with "The Blossoming Soul," your personal guide to mental and emotional harmony. Crafted by renowned Christian counselor Dr. Kristiauna Lattimer, this self-guided workbook provides a roadmap to achieve emotional balance through biblical teachings and holistic practices.


Each chapter serves as a lantern, illuminating the path to understanding your soul's seasons, processing emotions effectively, identifying negative thought patterns, and unmasking spiritual strongholds. Learn the potent power of repentance, and discover how physical well-being impacts your mental and emotional health.


Dr. Lattimer invites you to not only take care of your spiritual being but also to nourish your physical self. This book provides resources on beneficial supplements, nutrient-dense foods, and helpful lifestyle practices for holistic health.


"The Blossoming Soul" encourages you to assess your mental and emotional health regularly, offering effective tools to measure your progress. Delve into this enriching journey of self-discovery, spiritual awakening, and emotional liberation. Walk in faith with this guide, fostering a soul that blossoms in all seasons of life.

The Blossoming Soul: A Christian Woman’s Guide to Mental and Emotional Harmony

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