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A Healed and Whole Heart Is Within Reach

Online Mentoring and Coaching with Kristiauna Lattimer

Meet Kristiauna

Certified Christian Counselor, Mentor & Emotional Health Expert

I know that life can be hard sometimes and I am a firm believer that everyone needs someone with a listening ear and a warm heart. It is even better to have someone who truly understands where you are coming from to help you sort out your life.

 I'm here to be that person for you! Let's plan a time to chat to start your journey to wholeness. 

Welcome Picture Kristiauna Christian Cou

I Specialize In

Disrupting & Detoxing Negative Thought Processes


Journaling Exercises

Identifying the Season of your Soul and the Exact Steps  Needed to Obtain Wholeness in Christ

How to Get Off Emotional Rollercoasters and Reclaim Stability, Peace, and Joy

Personalized Emotional Healing Plans


The Journey to wholeness Begins Acknowledging you need support and not being ashamed to reach out and receive it. Let's Begin Your Journey Today.

Dear Kristiauna, 


When I first contacted you I felt desperate in all aspects. I was deeply depressed, felt like I lost myself, and didn’t know what to do or how to start. I needed someone to talk to and get guidance. Talking to you was my first breath of air when I felt like I was drowning. I told you about all things that were bothering me including my relationship, my directionless future, my self-doubt and self-thought which was nothing. 


You have helped me realize that my life is not a sprint and need to start focusing on one thing at a time. Since then I have done so. From moving states to health to school. I took the allotted time of a month to focus on myself and start feeling like myself. I feel like I have achieved that with your help. I was super excited to tell you all that had happened in the two weeks we almost didn’t speak. I realize how much has changed. It’s only been about two months since I reached out and am very happy I did. I can’t wait to see all the changes we can make. 


Thank you so much for everything you have done so far. In my opinion best therapist ever lol. Talking to you makes me calm, happy, and always better. 


I was desperately wanting peace in my mind when I reached out for help but after the getting to the heart of the matter sessions, I now have the tools to help me stay emotionally stable. I am able to better recognize negative thoughts and deal with them. During the sessions, I learnt that journaling and asking questions are key means to get to the root or the issue. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend The Beauty Mentor to a friend who needs help


Fighting past my relationship trauma towards my healing had been my greatest challenge, but "First Heart Dump" was my greatest breakthrough moment. Now I have more good days than bad days, also, I now pray more and feel more connected in prayer. Thanks, My Beauty Mentor!

-Private Client

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